If you have ever gone walking or driving in the English countryside, you have seen probably the signs along the road saying B and B in the UK or Bed and Breakfast vacancies. These staying options are one of the best options to get the real glimpses of English life in Durham and other parts of the UK. There are a lot of places including beautiful homes where they offer bed and breakfast. Most of them have been in this business for quite some time. Most people will tend to spend their holidays in a place where they are offering a bed and breakfast service because it is more comfortable and convenient.

A good B & B offers a quaint and charming alternative to the more corporate hotels of the UK. Charges are lower than the 5-star hotels but many of the people now know that the Bed and Breakfast facilities often boast the same amenities.

To visit a place, it is the best idea to search online for a good B and B in the UK. Look into the most recommended places that offer B & B online. With the help of your search engine, you can find a number of websites to look at pictures and reviews on them posted by previous clients. List down the top 5 or 10 places that are most convenient and choose the best one.

Ask Local Friends

If you have some friends in Durham or the UK, ask them which one they can recommend. Ask also why they would recommend the place rather than the other places. Since they are local citizens, they should know which one offers the most reliable service. If you don’t have any friends there, then it is best to ask the locals. You can do this by visiting a coffee shop, a bar or even their local supermarket and ask them for the best B and B in Durham.

Compare different places as per their offers

This is the most practical way of choosing the right place that offers bed and breakfast best. You can visit different B & B’s online just to have a look at the location, rooms, and sometimes even the food they are serving. Choose one that you like. Ask the price also.

The Bed and Breakfast directory

When you are looking for the best B and B, The Bed and Breakfast directory can help you find the perfect one with the top-rated B and B listed on their website.